Muscle Sound

Look inside the muscle with ultrasound Technology

Choose from 3 different assessment types, Event Preparation, Body Composition or Muscle.

Initial assessment $125
Per session $50 6-sessions $250

Event Preparation
Measuring your muscle fuel, muscle rating and muscle energy status, muscle sound is able to give you hard data about how prepared your muscles are for a specific event.

This assessment helps to answer questions about the effectiveness of the overall training approach as well as how muscle fuel storage, measured through the availability of glycogen, has responded to training routines, diet and lifestyle stresses.

Body Composition
Using a 7-site assessment, that is completely non-invasive and more accurate than other methods, Muscle Sound, with its cutting edge technology, provides you with an immediate assessment of body fat percentage as well as segmental fat analysis. Understanding the
importance of the relative amount and changes in muscle and body fat as it relates to overall weight, this provides you with one of the most effective ways to track personal progress in both health and fitness.

Muscle Health Evaluation
The overall health of your muscles is an increasingly important aspect of your overall health. Without healthy muscles, you cannot have a healthy body. The MuscleSound MuscleHealth
Evaluation tracks important contributors to health and wellbeing and assesses the current size and fuel status and potential of a muscles’ fuel storage capacity. These important measurements provide a baseline and subsequent comparisons over time to provide the data you need.

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