Get acclimated fast and hydrate with a customized blend of essential vitamins and minerals delivered directly into your bloodstream. Shown to increase energy, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, support dehydration, and hangover recovery, improve jet-lag recovery, boost skin glow and anti-aging, and improve athletic performance.

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Warm-up quicker, recover faster and feel fully revived by letting this compression system flush out your muscles.

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Our Localized Cryo Inflammation Treatment can quickly help to reduce inflammation and stimulate oxygenated blood flow to injured areas, or to sites of chronic pain. Decrease tension in muscles, improve joint functionality, and reduce fatigue. 15 Min. $55

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Neuro-acoustic Meditation Therapy

Decrease stress and improve sleep. Join us and experience this FDA-approved technology that helps to balance and calm your brain. This neuro-acoustic treatment will help you reduce stress, anxiety and help kickstart your body’s cellular restoration.

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Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy has become one of the fastest growing modalities in the recovery world. The process of emitting red light wavelengths into the skin to penetrate and stimulate the cell’s mitochondria. Red Light therapy has proven to expedite healing, reduce inflammation, and increase overall well-being. Accelerate muscle repair, reduce muscle spasms, stimulate collagen, protect red blood cells, increase blood flow, soothe sore muscles, and promote relaxation.

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Ultimate Recovery Treatment

Join us for the Ultimate Recovery Experience. Our “Relax Revive Recover” Treatment combines our 3 favorite modalities into a single session. 1 Hour of Red Light Therapy and PEMF Mat, Post-Ski Normatec Compression Boot Therapy, and NuCalm Neuro-Acoustic Stress Relieving Therapy. This single 1 hour session will leave you feeling mentally relaxed, physically revived, energized, and fully recovered.

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Oxygen Bar

Acclimate and relax by receiving concentrated oxygen with various infused aromatherapeutic options.

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Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Help to rapidly heal wounds, reduce inflammation, manage neurological conditions, and help boost your immune system

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PEMF Recovery Mat

Elevate your blood flow, diminish inflammation, and alleviate pain

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Experience some of the latest innovations of the fastest growing sector in athletic performance by utilizing our various Recovery Lab modalities. Our mission is to assist every person that walks through the door to feel better, recover faster, and perform or play harder. With the knowledge acquired from working with ski teams and the US Burton Open medical team, we want to make high-end recovery equipment available for the everyday mountain lover. Visitors can choose from compression boot systems, NuCalm, and IV therapy. Multiple options for everyone to ensure a speedy return to the slopes.