Decrease stress and improve sleep. 

Join us and experience this FDA-approved technology that helps to balance and calm your brain. This neuro-acoustic treatment will help you reduce stress, anxiety and help kickstart your body’s cellular restoration.

Most NuCalm users report they feel a sense of calm, control, confidence, and clarity after NuCalm. Your mental acuity is enhanced after NuCalm because of the saturation of oxygen-rich blood flow to your prefrontal cortex and frontal lobe (cognition centers in your brain). You will experience a better night’s sleep because NuCalm grooms your GABAergic system and primes you for more efficient sleep.

NuCalm is the only FDA  Approved drug-free stress reliever and sleep aid on the market.

• Rescue Session– for the most in-depth recovery and cellular restoration
1 Hour Session – $125
30 Minute Session $75

Reboot Session– to restore balance, peace of mind, and creative energy
30 Minute Session – $75

Recharge Session- to take the ultimate power nap without actually napping. Give yourself the feeling of 2 hours of sleep in a single 20 minutes session.
20 Minute Session – $55